Is it a Reliable Experience or Experience Breakdown?

To prevent customer experience breakdown, you need an enterprise view of what is being delivered and a way to bring the pieces together in the development and execution of the customer experience.  If you find you’re constantly fixing customer issues, you need to ensure you’re fixing the company at the same time you’re  fixing the customer issues.
Take a few minutes to assess your current performance in these categories:

Closed Loop on Any Customer Issues?

Are you deliberate about knowing which customers need follow through and when?

Do you have a system in place to do this follow through?

Do you have skilled people? Are you reaching out to customers, not just from call centers, but from throughout the organization? (Are you listening to them?)

Experience Improvement: What is Your Break-Fix Mentality and Process?

Are you doing a lot of “one offs” fixing issues one customer at a time?

Are you fixing the customer over and over? Or do you also fix the company?

Have you aggregated issues to know the priorities?

Do you have a disciplined way to systemically solve the problem – across the silos and operations – so that the complaints and issues are resolved?

Do you have an accountability process around the identification, cross-functional teaming and metrics for solving the issues?

Get Answers: If you haven’t had a chance to watch Jeanne’s keynote from the Customer Success Summit 2014 – go to “How Do You Deliver a Reliable Experience

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