For a laugh: Adobe’s new customer experience ad

Bliss Adobe Bank Robbery

This will be a shorter post, as we’re working on a longer one for next week about customer experience rooms (I call them customer rooms sometimes, and often work on them in my client work).

You may be familiar with the Adobe Experience Cloud, which gives a business a suite of insights around campaign-building, ads management, customer profiles, and other centralized assets. The ultimate aim for Adobe was to help companies bridge between marketing and the rest of the enterprise; that’s akin to what I would call uniting the C-Suite.

To roll out their experience cloud, Adobe created a funny commercial.

Here it is:

Watch it — it’s short — and read more about how it was made here.

These bank robbers enter a bank, but because their mobile phone pinged the Experience Cloud, a teller can ID the first robber — and knows he is interested in purchasing a house. (The second robber says “You moving out, man?”) That second robber apparently opened an email campaign recently, so the teller (hiding behind her desk) knows he wants to refinance his student loans.

Obviously this is all tongue-in-cheek — a real-life bank robbery would be terrifying — but this quote from Adobe’s side rings true:

“To keep customers engaged, businesses are having to reinvent the experiences they deliver,” added Alex Amado, VP of Experience Marketing. “They need to make them simpler, more relevant and more personalized. We love this new spot for the Adobe Experience Cloud because it shows how those kinds of experiences can build loyalty, even with the most challenging customers.”

“Even the most challenging customers” made me laugh a little bit.

Indeed, though — reliable experiences and customer journey mapping drive loyalty, and loyalty ultimately drives revenue. I’m a fan of this Adobe spot. What did you think?

3 comments to " For a laugh: Adobe’s new customer experience ad "

  • Diana Yanez-Pastor

    Jeanne – thank you so much for sharing this video, it was hilarious! I love it for so many different reasons and could not control my laughter. A personal touch that is what we want as consumers, we expect it, and what we all should be providing to our customers at every step.

  • Diana! So glad…we need to laugh more and be so deliberate and human for people! Loved what they did here.

  • Tim Callahan

    “A real-life bank robbery would be terrifying” — as would any other violent crime. I’m sure the many who have lost loved ones or been injured, or even those who’ve been physically unharmed but had to live through the terror of a bank robbery would fail to see the humor in it. What next, a “funny” commercial about carjacking or rape?

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