My journey to this work came early in life. Growing up in Des Plaines, IL, I learned about humanity in business watching my dad in his Buster Brown shoe store. He guided young moms to the first pair of shoes for their little one’s feet. Over forty years, he “shoe’d” a generation of children, and their children’s children, and he became a part of their lives. So much so, that when he retired…

A line of people THREE BLOCKS LONG stood to say good-bye. That buying shoes would never be the same. He had earned a place in the story of their lives. And they couldn’t imagine buying shoes without him.

How will you be

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How will
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You have the power to improve lives.

“What binds all of us, after our relationships with the people we hold dear, our faith, and what we value – is the treatment we all receive in this world.

Improving this treatment has been my singular mission for over 35 years. First, as the inaugural Chief Customer Officer at Lands’ End, Coldwell Banker, Allstate and Microsoft Corporations. Then since 2002, guiding over 20,000 leaders around the world.” Learn More

– Jeanne Bliss

As your guide,

we establish clarity for how you want to be remembered, uniting your company in taking ownership of this great responsibility bestowed upon us to improve lives. Take the Quiz: How Will You Be Remembered?

Together, we focus on the human at the end of your decisions; to deliver experiences that earn admirable and ongoing growth, elevating people to memory makers.

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