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I’m Italian.

If you are Italian or have Italians in your life you know – we are givers and feeders. Whenever we go to anybody’s house in my family or friends, none of us can leave without a bag full of food from someone’s pantry, or plates of tin-foil wrapped food. And, you’d better be careful if you complement what they are wearing or something they own – from a lamp on a table to the shirt on their back. It’s yours.

I do this too.

What you have here are my “bag of groceries” – nourishment from me to you – to help you and your business prosper.


Find Your “Three Blocks Long”

How Will You Be Remembered?

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Three Blocks Long

Practice Leadership Bravery

Elevate Your Company Trajectory. Earn the right to growth.

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Enable People to Rise

Every brave leader makes it their first priority to find people whose values align with their own…and then they enable them to rise.

Do We Enable People to Care?

Every industry has frontline employees tasked with processing patients, taking calls or checking out customers. But sometimes when the focus is only on getting the job done, caring for the human at the center of it can get lost.

This is our grand opportunity to let people know they matter. Treating customers with dignity and respect starts with treating employees the same way. In order to deliver customer dignity, employees need to feel it, experience it and receive it themselves. And they need to be encouraged to weave in the delivery of dignity into their interactions with customers.

Simply, enable people to care.


Trust the Frontline to Extend Grace

When we are validated, and even the slightest concession is made to accommodate us as customers, it makes a difference. And that difference adds up in how we stack up the companies we will go back to and talk about.

This is not a plea to throw company profits out the door by loosening every rule willy-nilly. It's about preparing employees. It is about trust for your front line, proven to lead business growth.

It's about enabling employees to act in situations where valued customers are at risk. It's about then letting them make the call to let a few hours slide off a car rental return because they have a high value customers in front of them. Or honoring that warranty claim for your mom three days out of warranty because it's the right thing to do. And because enabling people to make the right call saves companies customers and grows their business.

Let policy and the "golden rule" collide.


Hire People with the Ability to Care

The Make-Mom-Proud companies focus on filling up their companies with people who care.

As we move past many of the traditional ways of interacting with companies, what we expect from the people across the chat box, sales counter or service desk has changed dramatically. Especially the newest breed of customer is flexing their spending muscle by choosing to interact with companies that provide caring people, relevance, choice, and speed. The ability to empathize and "be human" is now cited as a reason customers stay or go. It is a condition for earning their sale.

Make hiring your most important decision.

Lead Your Transformation

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