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Explained by Jeanne Bliss

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Build your customer driven growth engine

– Jeanne Bliss

What I know from 25 years as a CCO practitioner and coaching over 20,000 leaders is that we’ve got to take the reactive nature out of this work.

Customer experience transformation that connects to business growth can only succeed by embedding behaviors and competencies into the organization. Competencies that will transform how you do work to achieve customer-driven growth.

For this work to become critical to driving business growth, it must rise above the fray of being defined by reactive problem solving to the most recent customer calamity, or chasing survey scores.

The 5 Competencies connect customer experience to business growth, unite leaders on customer priorities, and shift your business focus to earning the right to grow by improving customers’ lives.

The 5 Competencies

A Proven Framework to build your Customer-Driven Growth Engine

With coaching, we work with you to embed this framework to advance your business transformation.


Customers as Assets

Moves you to a simple non-refutable measure of if you did, or did not, earn the right to customer growth.

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Align around experience

Changes accountability and the story of the business from silo performance to customer life improvement.

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Build a customer listening path

Unites multiple sources of customer feedback to tell the story of customers’ lives by stage, as they experience you.

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Proactive experience reliability and innovation

Lets you know, before customers tell you, if the experience you delivered was reliable and valuable to them

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one-company accountability, leadership and culture

Unites leaders to guide and enable the company to improve customers and employee lives.

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  • They connect to business growth. The competencies work in tandem to elevate the work from getting a survey score to ‘earning the right’ to growth.
  • You build them at your own pace, and with the actions that are most potent for your culture, your leaders, and ability to take on the work.
  • They build a customer experience improvement process and engine analogous to what people are familiar with for product development, with distinguishable steps, metrics and gating requirements for proceeding.
  • They drive priorities and diminish the “boiling the ocean” approach by driving one-company focus.
  • The specificity of the actions for building the engine comprised from these five competencies clarifies the role of the customer experience executive, such as Chief Customer Officer, Vice President of Customer Experience, etc.
  • The CCO role (finally) becomes clear as facilitator of your customer-driven growth engine, uniting leaders and the organization to make decisions that improve customers’ lives and drive growth.