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The One Customer Experience Podcast You Can’t Afford To Miss!

“Real world, straight talk, and realistic ideas from
Customer Experience Leaders around the world.”

– Jeanne Bliss

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Five Leadership Steps to Help You Navigate CX Transformation at a Global Organization

Are you leading customer experience in a global organization? There’s such a range of considerations when you’re transforming customer experience on a large scale — but actually, there are many skills and techniques that you may have gained from your previous experience at a smaller organization, that can be translated …

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5 Challenges That are Keeping CX Leaders From Achieving True Growth — In Conversation with Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian Swinscoe and I have a fun, quick rant about some of the things that are bothering us when it comes to customer experience and how it’s approached. Adrian is a customer experience consultant, a Forbes contributor, and the author of the book, Punk CX.

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CXO Sherif Mityas Shares a 3-Gate System to Filter New Initiatives

How do you create the right kind of environment in order to be part of someone’s consideration set? As the Chief Experience Officer of TGI Fridays, the familiar neighborhood restaurant chain, Sherif Mityas, has been leveraging his background in merchandising, marketing, and retail, to figure this out. He shares a 3-Gate process for filtering new customer experience initiatives through.

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How to Achieve Company-Wide Customer Success with Guy Nirpaz

Customer success is more than just a buzzword, and Guy Nirpaz, the CEO and founder of Totango, and author of  Farm Don’t Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success, talks to us about how to realistically integrate customer success into customer experience.

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How to Address the Underbelly Work as a Chief Experience Officer at a Nonprofit

Jennifer Severns, Chief Experience Officer at the American Marketing Association, a nonprofit organization, discusses some of the challenges she faced while coming into an organization that helps chief marketing officers, chief customer officers, marketers, and others, determine and understand their role in the world.

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How to Execute a 90-Day Plan to Improve Customer Experience in a B2B2C Retail Organization

In this episode with Curt Balara, CCO of Bel Brands, we discuss customer experience for a retail, B2B2C company. We chat about how essential it is for the consumer packaged goods industry to become more customer-centric. One thing you’ll definitely want to tune in for is Curt’s advice on elevating your relationships with partners and approach to joint business planning.

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CEO, Go to Impact
This podcast is a “must listen” for me each week. Jeanne asks the questions I would have asked to get to the real issues of customer focused business- and directly asks what works/ what doesn’t. A gem!
- Susan Schramm, 2019
Fantastic work from a leader in the space
The only regret I have is that I wish I've found out about Jeanne and her work years ago! I advise everyone in this field to subscribe!
- Ayyoub!, 2017
Best in CX Brings the Best
Jeanne Bliss is arguably the best customer experience professional in the world, and with the Human Duct Tape Show she is sharing her extensive knowledge with us. In the first episode, she interviews Mark Ramsey from Audi, discussing how his views on CX have developed throughout the years.
Honestly, if you are looking at entering or progressing in roles of leadership, finance, marketing, sales, or really anything, you need more Jeanne Bliss in your life. Strongly recommend, can't wait for more!
- theblissfit, 2016
Worth your time
There are many CX and CS focused podcasts but they mainly just promote their own specific consulting or frameworks. This show does a great job in reflecting learnings while not going too vendor heavy.
- JHKeeso, 2019
What we need to know!
Because of Jeanne's deep experience in Customer Experience, the connections she knows in the space, and her continued work in the space, Jeanne can bring us this very unique and powerful podcast that no one else in the industry can! If you are a CXO or play in the customer experience space at all you NEED to subscribe and listen to these shows!
- JHKeeso, 2019