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The One Customer Experience Podcast You Can’t Afford To Miss!

“Real world, straight talk, and realistic ideas from
Customer Experience Leaders around the world.”

– Jeanne Bliss

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Tips for CCO Success at a B2B Organization from Yamini Rangan, CCO of HubSpot

In today’s conversation with Yamini, who was previously the CCO of Dropbox, another SaaS company, Yamini and I discuss the importance of storytelling and of unifying teams within an organization to work towards a common goal. She also shares some of the ways in which HubSpot has handled the disruption of COVID-19.

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Leslie Stretch

How C-Suite Leaders Must Adapt to the Shifting Landscape

In this conversation with Leslie Stretch, CEO of Medallia, Leslie and I chat about what he’s been seeing from his conversations with hundreds of CEOs and the blend between high-tech and high-touch experiences. Medallia is a SaaS platform for experience management.

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The Forever Transaction: How to Build Life-Long Relationships with Customers, with Robbie Kellman-Baxter

“The more complicated your system is, the less your customers are going to trust you,” says Robbie Kellman-Baxter, author of the new book, The Forever Transaction. She is best known as the person who coined the term, “the membership economy,” which has shifted the way we look at and value …

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Tom Peters Podcast

Bring Humanity to the Forefront: Advice for Leadership Success with Tom Peters

“The skill you need in a crisis is to have developed an incredible group of human beings who have autonomy and who care,” says Tom Peters in our LinkedIn Live interview. Listen, as Tom Peters and I discuss why the hiring process is so critical, and why leaders have to set the precedent at the top, that we’ve got to care for one another.

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3 Actions Business Leaders Should Take to Guide Their Organizations Through Uncertainty with Horst Schulze

Today’s podcast is a little different. I’m replaying a Daily Dose of Optimism that I recorded with Horst Schulze on my LinkedIn Live. Every week, I’m sharing a Daily Dose of Optimism on the blog, and I will continue to record live interviews with exceptional leaders on my LinkedIn. So …

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3 Tips for Building A Patient Experience Strategy at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

In this interesting conversation with Rick Evans, the SVP and Chief Experience Officer for the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, you’ll hear some of the tactics and strategies that Rick has employed to improve patient experience at this esteemed hospital. These strategies have helped him improve internal and external communications, as well as increase HCAHP scores.

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CEO, Go to Impact
This podcast is a “must listen” for me each week. Jeanne asks the questions I would have asked to get to the real issues of customer focused business- and directly asks what works/ what doesn’t. A gem!
- Susan Schramm, 2019
Fantastic work from a leader in the space
The only regret I have is that I wish I've found out about Jeanne and her work years ago! I advise everyone in this field to subscribe!
- Ayyoub!, 2017
Best in CX Brings the Best
Jeanne Bliss is arguably the best customer experience professional in the world, and with the Human Duct Tape Show she is sharing her extensive knowledge with us. In the first episode, she interviews Mark Ramsey from Audi, discussing how his views on CX have developed throughout the years.
Honestly, if you are looking at entering or progressing in roles of leadership, finance, marketing, sales, or really anything, you need more Jeanne Bliss in your life. Strongly recommend, can't wait for more!
- theblissfit, 2016
Worth your time
There are many CX and CS focused podcasts but they mainly just promote their own specific consulting or frameworks. This show does a great job in reflecting learnings while not going too vendor heavy.
- JHKeeso, 2019
What we need to know!
Because of Jeanne's deep experience in Customer Experience, the connections she knows in the space, and her continued work in the space, Jeanne can bring us this very unique and powerful podcast that no one else in the industry can! If you are a CXO or play in the customer experience space at all you NEED to subscribe and listen to these shows!
- JHKeeso, 2019