Clarity for how you improve lives, and your leadership behaviors and actions are what will fuse people to you. They will define how you will be remembered…How you earn admiration…and how you grow. In a marketplace that values congruence of heart (what you know is right) and habit (how you act)…the memory of how you help others achieve their goals, and who you are as people becomes the greatest currency of your brand. Let’s find yours.

A Coaching Sprint

with Jeanne Bliss

Let’s start this sprint with a simple question:

How Do You Want to
Be Remembered?

In this 3-month sprint, together,

we will work on the three-dimensions of work that bring out and bring to life your “Three-blocks Long.” This includes finding the dimensions for how you want to be remembered, and for how you will fuse people to you; to earn growth that comes from memories crafted to improve lives.

At Lands’ End, way in the beginning of my career,
we spent hours angsting over the answer to this question:

How would we be described as people, based on our actions and behavior?

We wanted to be known as “direct merchants”.

And that grew us. That steered us.

We acted to earn the right to being described as caring, kind, passionate merchants who knew your life.   Each word had a meaning.  Merchant for example, guided us to keep harkening back to the ways of your neighborhood store who knew you and took care of you.

For example, when we started the kids business, we thought through every aspect of parenthood, and that drove double-reinforcing the knees of overalls, to sending out big shipments with notes to parents to turn the shipping box into a farm animal their kid could ride all over the house (complete with Lands’ End logo!) Because we remembered our lives as kids and playing with the box as much as the stuff inside.

When we sent products, we included extra bits of thread and buttons, and shoe horns, and even a brush for your coat. And we took care to always keep you informed on where your order was.  And if there was a glitch or delay, we let you know right away, we apologized and we made things right.  Because that’s how the guy you know around the corner behaves.

Knowing who we were and why fused us to people.  It fused us to each other.  And it inspired us in our own actions to stay the course of that inherited reason for being that was bestowed upon us to uphold.



Here we will dig deep to tickle out your intent- what you want to help people to accomplish, and your motivation – why you do it.  Your higher purpose…what you want to be remembered for.  We will employ multiple “dig” exercises to uncover, clarify and define what kind of people you want to show up as…and the legacy you want to leave the world.  Both as individuals and as a company.



And that starts with knowing what to build out.
This part of our sprint includes three things:

1st A definition of your “non-negotiables” of how you will and will not behave to grow through living your “three-blocks long”.    

2nd Diagnosis of how you are acting on those in your business and operation today.  Here we identify the opportunities and gaps.

3rd Your path and plan for building out your “Three Blocks Long”.



Here we will translate  your “three blocks long” into leadership behaviors for people to see and understand, and examples of choices that people can emulate on their own.

When you contact me to talk about this sprint, we’ll determine the right approach, people and timing for you.  But since none of us wants to boil the ocean in getting there, and since this is a sprint…you can count on us going from start to finish in about three-months.

This is MY three-blocks long 
…to help you find YOURS.

I look forward to this grand opportunity to work together.

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