CX Competency 4: Customer Experience Reliability

Once you have done the foundational work of identifying your stages of the experience (CX Competency 2: Align Experience Around Operations) and have identified the key 10-15 “moments of truth” or customer touchpoints, you can start to build experience reliability.

You need to knit together the series of contacts you have with customers to bring a sense of reliability in what they can expect from you.

Do this by:

  • Identifying and establishing key operational performance indicators (KPI’s) for your top 10-15 customer experience touchpoints.
  • Bringing cross functional teams together to take experiences from “broken” to “reliable” to ultimately a differentiating moment. Once you’ve got this process down, you can move past the top 10-15 touchpoints. But start with just these 10-15 – otherwise it will become too overwhelming.
  • Establishing what the forums should be for driving customer accountability, such as a customer room.

The customer experience that gains the most confidence with your customers is to get the basics right.

First, you earn the right to your customer’s confidence with reliability and then move on from there.

You must clear the hurdle of random experiences and set the foundation in product and service reliability (“They get it right.”) before you move on to building a personal relationship with customers (“They know me.”).

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