Memory creation is the currency of your brand.

Let’s build yours.

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WHAT BINDS ALL OF US, after our relationships with the people we hold dear, our faith, and what we value – is the treatment we receive in the world.

Common among those experiences for us all is how we are treated by the businesses in whom we give our trust.

Are we treated with dignity and respect? Are our lives improved and honored?

Improving this treatment has been my singular mission for over 35 years. First as a practitioner holding the inaugural Chief Customer Officer position for 5 major US Corporations, and since 2002, as a guide to leaders around the world, helping them to grasp and take ownership of the great responsibility bestowed upon them…

Too often in business,

we focus on the mechanics of work,

rather than its meaning.

As your guide, my work is helping you to be clear about how you want to be remembered. Then building actions and behaviors that inform and lead to business operations that embed:

  • Your non-negotiables. What you will and will not do to grow.
  • Where you will bravely lead to prove your intent for growth.
  • How you build your respect-delivery machine for both customers and employees.
  • Your “Three Blocks Long.” Earning how you’ll be remembered

Memory Creation is the currency of your brand.

My purpose is to help you leave the world with the imprint of how you want to show up—showing the world, customers, and the marketplace: who you are & what you value.

THIS is the true meaning of “experience”– starting with a purpose and the leadership clarity to know exactly what you will and will not do – to grow.

Below are a few videos to show you the life-improvement work I’ve been singularly focused on for 35 years.

What’s on the inside,

up on the outside.

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