How I Help You

Jeanne Bliss helps companies and people become the best version of themselves. She guides them to define, build and live the behaviors and actions that will fuse customers to them, and ultimately create deep and memorable relationships. Creating these deeper relationships has been Jeanne’s singular mission for over 35 years. First, as the inaugural Chief Customer Officer at Lands’ End, Coldwell Banker, Allstate and Microsoft Corporations. Then since 2002, guiding over 20,000 leaders around the world to understand that improving lives should be their most important strategic vision. In a marketplace that values congruence of heart (what you know is right) and habit (how you act), the memory of how you make people feel is the greatest currency of your brand. Having delivered speeches and workshops for nearly every business vertical in B2B and C2B companies, Jeanne helps leaders and organizations build the road map toward this deep and genuine customer experience that creates lasting memory and earns passionate advocates both inside and outside of your business.

Jeanne Bliss is known fondly as the “Godmother” of customer experience.

Earning Admirable Growth Isn’t Soft.
It’s an outcome of your leadership & behavior.

Leadership bravery sets companies and people apart. It begins with deciding how a company will and will not grow. With understanding customers’ lives and their goals. With choosing how they want to be remembered. And in walking away from practices that get in the way.

Leadership bravery that earns admirable growth is rooted in trust. In belief. And in a deliberate commitment to earn growth with congruence of heart (what people know is right) and habit (what they are nurtured and rewarded to do at work). 

Where do you begin this journey of admirable growth? By thinking of others. By considering these questions: Who will remember you? Where will you fit into the story of people’s lives? How will you contribute? What will your business do to make lives better?

My purpose is to be your guide.

To help you show the best version of yourself to the world, the marketplace, and your employees. 

As Your Guide, I Accelerate YOUR Path to Leadership Bravery, and Admirable Growth.

My 35-year career has been SINGULARLY FOCUSED on only this work: guiding business behavior to improve lives.

This is how I can take years off your learning curve.

Read my story: 35 years of leading transformations.

How I Help

“No one knows more about Experience Leadership than Jeanne Bliss.”

Scott Dille, Senior Vice President, Northern Trust Bank