How to Make Customer Metrics Stick

It’s not enough to simply have the metrics – it’s what you do with them that matters.

To make the guerrilla metrics stick and to use them to steer the actions of your business, you need to take them out of the hordes of reports and paperwork. Put them front and center.

Establish a Customer Room where a regularly scheduled spotlight shines on the customer metrics. There’s nothing like public accountability to take the mystery out of what’s important and to start a friendly horse race among peers that motivates performance.

Kick-start customer/guerilla metrics into action with these tips:

  • Lay out the guerrilla metrics definitions to your leaders and begin asking for the metrics within one week.
  • Give a drop-dead date for when you want to know the baseline metrics.
  • Utilize a customer accountability room, visually mapping each metric and its performance.
  • Within the first month, take your first walk-through in the customer room with your leaders.
  • Require accountability for each metric: Why is this occurring? |  Who will resolve it? | When?
  • Repeat the walk-through quarterly (or up to once a month).

People will step up. Change will occur.

The Customer Room helps you address four challenges:

1. Engaging leadership

2. Embedding culture with new hires

3. Driving experince accountability

4. Uniting customer experience efforts

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