Believe Your Customers

Very little shreds of respect remain, if any, after we’ve put a customer through the third degree that many customers experience when they encounter a glitch, and actually need to return a product, put in a claim or use the warranty service.

As tempting as it is to debate customers to uphold a policy to the letter of the law, suspend the cynicism and work to believe your customers.

Most are going to honestly relay what is happening to them. And because of all the ‘ifs, ands, and buts’ in our policies, we’ve conditioned customers to come in with their dukes up when they have a problem. With good reason. We’ve programmed our frontline to be cynical of customers through the creation of policies that protect the corporation from the lack of judgment of the minority.

Work to eliminate the question of doubt about your customer’s integrity.   It will do wonders for the attitude and actions that your frontline brings to their interactions with customers.

Do you believe…

  • That trust is reciprocated by customers?
  • In the truth of your customer’s words?
  • That trusted and prepared employees grow the business?
  • In more trust than more rules?
  • In more training than more policies?

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  • I think the true nature of a company shows through not when the product starts failing and a service is required. It is in this hour of crisis the companies reveal how they actually think about a customer? As an asset or as only a milking cow.

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