How Belief as a Core Competency Drives Business Growth

“I Believe You”  – three of the most powerful words in business.

When  embraced in business these words unleash optimism, enthusiasm, imagination, and growth.

“I believe you,” sends a message:  We trust our customers and we trust those who serve them.

Your decisions grounded in belief prove how much you honor customers and employees. They say how fearless you are in suspending cynicism. They indicate whether you nurture people and relationships to their full potential. What you decide to believe defines the spirit inside your organization. And it sets the tone for your interactions with customers.

Search within your organization for these indicators of your ability to believe:

Are You Transparent with Your Customers? Do You Fan the Flames of Trust? Do You Practice Democratic Decision Making? Do You Believe Customers Are an Asset or a Cost Center? What’s Your Power Source for Bonding with Customers? Do You Dare to Bare What Your Customers Share? Is Your “Trusting Cup” Half Full or Half Empty? Are You Hiring Partners or Filling Positions? Who Has a Seat at Your Table?

Decide to Believe - Belief as Competency

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