Introducing: The Five-Competency Reality Check Audit

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Hey, and happy Thanksgiving week! This will be a short post introducing a new(er) concept, but before we get going on it, I just wanted to say thanks. It’s been a busy year. I launched a podcast and am working on some new projects in addition to regular speaking, client, and coaching work. I’m thankful for all of you as readers and listeners — and participants in my community. You offer some amazing insights and contexts on the customer growth engines you’re building where you work, and that in turn informs the work I get the privilege to do. So, in the spirit of the season, thank you.

If you’re a long-time follower of my work or just found me, everything I do is rooted in what I call the five competencies. Those are:

  • Customers as assets
  • Align around experience
  • Build a customer listening path
  • Proactive experience reliability and innovation
  • One-company leadership, accountability, and culture

Whatever I am doing — writing a book, working 1-on-1 with a client, speaking, blogging, podcasting — everything is tied to these five competencies. And now you can be part of all this too!

The Five-Competency Reality Check Audit

You can learn more on this page, or go and take the audit here. 

This audit walks your organization through the five competencies to build your customer-driven growth engine; highlighting key actions, tactics and behaviors that should be occurring when they are embedded and functional in driving business operations and customer-driven growth. You can use this audit in the beginning of your role to engage leaders and your operational silos and to educate them on the five competencies. Using this audit in a workshop setting is very powerful, and something we often do at the beginning of coaching. As you know, what comprises a customer experience transformation needs to be clarified and agreed to, so you can use this as both an audit and communication tool.

Many of these ideas are contained in Chief Customer Officer 2.0 and my other books and speeches.

The Reality Check Audit And 2017 Goals

It’s entirely possible your team already did 2017 strategy planning (I’ve often seen that happen in September at a lot of companies), but the holidays and New Year’s are always a time we reflect and look forward. If you want to understand where your team stands — and where you stand — with regard to the most important aspects of building a customer-driven growth engine, use this reality check audit. It’s 16 questions — most complete it in under five minutes — and on the back-end, you’ll have an idea of where you stand and actionable items to move forward with.

I hope you find it useful. In the meantime, happy Thanksgiving. Relax, reflect, and recharge. Come back to the office ready to close out the year strong and build even better customer experience in 2017.

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