Introducing: Customer culture reality check audit

Customer Culture

By this point in business (almost 2017!), I think most companies understand the value of their customer culture. In short? You want to make sure that customers are being heard and representing a revenue stream. There are, unfortunately, companies that still have no clue how to value customers.

Why does customer culture fail?

We’ve been talking about this “Era Of Customer Experience” for five-10 years now, so this surprises me. In other way, though, it does not remotely surprise me. We want work to be logical, but because work is made up of human beings, it’s often emotional. That all means people have business concepts they want to “own.” Silos become pervasive. Metrics become distanced from any truly productive way to use them. We run our people in circles, and by doing that, our customers get disjointed experiences. Good luck finding growth there.

How do you grow from customer culture? (Bottom line.)

One of my books is called I Love You More Than My Dog, and it goes into the core decisions that beloved — and prosperous — companies tend to make. If you properly build a customer-driven growth engine — which is doable, albeit hard — you will become this type of company. Your customers will love you. You will make money. It’s all driven by customer culture.

To get there, however, you might need a bit of a reality check. Some companies are so set in their ways — the scientific term for it is “homophily” — that it’s nearly impossible for them to critically evaluate the state of their customer culture.

No more!

Start above to take my customer culture reality check audit. It’s 28 questions total and only usually takes about 5-8 minutes to complete. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of where your customer culture stands. Plus: you’ll receive resources to improve it. This has been my career through 30 years, thousands of keynotes, books, and hundreds of consultations. I want to improve your customer culture. Let’s get started on it together.

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