Customer experience improvement program: 2017 assets

Customer experience improvement program

It’s been a busy 2016. Here we are, finally, at the last month of the year. I know most of you have already started 2017 strategy planning (or finished it), but I wanted to put together a bunch of customer experience improvement program assets in one place. You can clip and save this post to review during the holidays and get ready for 2017. It’s a series of competencies I’ve worked on over my career and within the past year.

Customer experience improvement program: The basics

I won’t get entirely self-promotional until the end of this post, I promise. But here’s where to start:

Customer experience improvement program: For the auditory learner

One of my big goals in 2016 was to launch a podcast — and, with the help of my team, I did it. We just posted Episode No. 29. Here’s the link to all the episodes. Each one is about 25-32 minutes, and all of them are with experienced CCOs. Oftentimes, the guest has held a CCO or customer-facing role in two or more organizations. There’s a lot of insight here. (I’m not being self-promotional; I’m actually promoting my different guests!) A few weeks ago, for example, Carol Pudnos counseled people on when to take a CCO role — and when to leave one. Jose Vergara of McKesson Medical Imaging came on the show to discuss the role of customer experience in B2B businesses. Jeb Dasteel from Oracle, one of the bigger companies in the world, has been a guest.

If you have time over the holidays — I know it can be a busy time — grab 2 or 3 that interest you and listen to them on your commute, en route to a holiday happy hour, or whatever. I guarantee you that you’ll learn some things you didn’t know. And, best of all? You’ll be en route to a customer experience improvement program for 2017.

Customer experience improvement program: Keynotes

I probably did less keynotes and more client work in 2016, but I still did quite a few keynotes — and I love doing them. Here’s a primer on how I approach keynotes. If you think 2017 is the year you really want to shift to customer-driven growth, consider having me come in and rally up the troops. I love this work, and I love showcasing its importance to others — especially those with a skeptical eye at first. OK, now I got a little self-promotional. It happens.

Customer experience improvement program: Blogs

Some think the blog is dying out as an overall concept, but I disagree. I write 1-2 posts a week on here because it’s a good way to hear from customers, clients, and others in this line of work. My whole blog is here, if interested.

Customer experience improvement program: Audits

I recently introduced two audits that people can use to see where they’re at in the customer-driven growth engine process. One audit is tied to my five competencies, and the other one is a customer culture reality check. Feel free to check out both. Each one takes about 4-5 minutes to complete (roughly 30 questions), and you get a sense of where you stand as relates to this work headed into 2017. Plus, you can sign up for my email list at the end. I know everyone gets 100s of emails they can’t possibly read every day, but I promise you mine attempt to add value if you’re in this field.

Customer experience improvement program: Books

There are hundreds of really strong customer experience books that come out every month. Here’s one example, and here’s a solid list of 27 such titles. (Ignore the fact that the list says “customer service” books; I don’t like that term, but many of the titles on there are good.) So many of my friends and colleagues have written books over the years, it would take me an almost infinite scroll to list all of them. If you go back up to the podcast link, many of the guests I’ve had also have a book — and when that’s the case, the book is linked within the show notes, so you can explore more that way. And yes, I myself have written several books. Here’s a link to all of them.

Happy December! If there’s anyway I can help your customer experience improvement program get on track for 2017, let me know.

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