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November 22, 2017

3 Most Popular Episodes From My Podcast: The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show

Here are the top 3 downloaded customer experience episodes of the year from my podcast: The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show. Episodes discuss CX leadership at Lyft, Volkswagen Group Australia, and Peloton.

Human Duct Tape Show Episode Marc Riesenberg CX and UX
November 21, 2017

The Importance of Good Customer and User Experience in Higher Education with Marc Riesenberg – CB78 [PODCAST]

Have you ever thought about the end-to-end customer experience of a student in higher education? The overall CX and UX impacts a student’s success and perception of the program. In this episode, I chat with Marc Riesenberg, who spoke about implementing a CX program and improving the UX while serving as the Associate Vice President of Customer Experience at Bridgepoint Education.

Drive Customer Growth Through Mission Statement
November 17, 2017

Are You Using Your Mission Statement to Drive Customer Growth?

How does your company incorporate its mission statement? Is it used daily as a decision-making lens for uniting the organization in making operational decisions? Most importantly, do employees know it and use it to improve customers’ lives and earn the right to growth?

Human Duct Tape Show Episode 77 Adriana Zeman
November 14, 2017

Implement a Customer Experience Strategy at a Startup with VP of Customer Success, Adriana Zeman – CB77 [PODCAST]

Are you thinking about how to implement a customer experience journey at your start-up company? In this episode, Adriana Zeman, VP of Customer Success at Zaius shares her proven path for making customer experience a part of the business in a start-up operation. Adriana shares her month-to-month plan to implement a customer success journey that goes beyond the initial onboarding phase. 

3 Top Shared Customer Bliss Blog Posts
November 9, 2017

More Than Just a Customer Experience Trend: 3 Top Shared Customer Bliss Blog Posts

We monitor trends to stay on top of “what’s happening next” in the industry, but honestly, there are also some core components of customer experience that will always be in place. Because of that, I’m revisiting three of my top shared posts, which are founded in my core competencies and still highly relevant.

Human Duct Tape Show Ross Garretson
November 7, 2017

Hunter Douglas’ B2B and B2C Customer Experience Leadership with Ross Garretson – CB76 [PODCAST]

On this episode of Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show, I chat with Ross Garretson, Vice President of Customer Experience at Hunter Douglas North America, about how he builds out both the business to business and business to consumer experience for the worldwide leader in custom window treatments and architectural products.