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How Leadership Impacts Customer Service and Experience at Samsung Electronics America
Josh Ives, VP of Customer Experience Management and Strategy at Samsung Electronics America, talks to me about what customer experience leadership looks like in a large, multi-service organization like Samsung.
Remembering Diana Helfinstine and Her Commitment to Customer-Driven Growth at Essilor
In tribute to Diana Helfinstine, VP of Customer Experience at Essilor, we revisit this podcast episode in which Diana shared how she implemented customer experience strategies that fueled Essilor's customer-driven growth, and created greater value for their customers and patients.
Pioneering Customer Experience in Healthcare at Cleveland Clinic
Dr. Adrienne Boissy, Chief Experience Officer of Cleveland Clinic Health System, talks about the importance of putting patients first, and what it takes to sustain the philosophy, mindset, and operational priorities in healthcare customer experience.
What’s the Key to a Strong CX Foundation? Be Obsessed with Your Customers
Is your company customer obsessed? If not, it should be! Tamar Cohen, Head of US Customer Experience for Zoetis, a leader in animal health services, shares how she built the company's CX platform and organization from the ground up.
Leadership and Crafting the Customer Experience in Consumer Goods with Kathy Tobiasen
Translating customer experience lessons to consumer packaged goods experiences with VP of customer experience, Kathy Tobiasen.
Problem Solving and Customer Experience Transformation in the Australian Postal System with CCO Christine Corbett
How do you transform customer experience within the postal service - an industry that affects the whole nation? In this latest episode, I chat with CCO Christine Corbett about her CX Leadership role in Australia Post.
Best of the Podcast: How to Create A Path for CX Leadership with Google’s VP of Ads and Commerce UX
In this 2017 Best of the Podcast episode, I revisit my interview with Catherine Courage, the VP of Ads and Commerce User Experience at Google. Catherine shares practical and strategic advice about how she created the path of her CX leadership role at Google.
Best of the Podcast: The Process of CX Hiring and Transformation at Volkswagen Group Australia
In this 2017 Best of the Podcast episode, I revisit my interview with Jason Bradshaw, CCO of Volkswagen Group Australia. We talk about how Jason transformed CX at VW Australia and the extensive hiring process he went through.
Best of the Podcast: Defining the CX Role In A Mission-Focused Company with Lyft’s VP of Customer Experience and Trust
In this 2017 Best of the Podcast episode, I revisit my interview with Mary Winfield, the VP of Customer Experience and Trust at Lyft. Mary shares the leadership qualities that helped her advance the work in her position and how she defines the CX role in a mission-centered company.
How CMO Leadership is Expanding to Include Both Marketing and Customer Experience Transformation – CB81
How do you drive customer experience transformation in the highly regulated financial industry? In this episode, I talk to Isabella Lau, CCO of Manulife Hong Kong about the emerging expanded CMO/CCO role, and how operational and marketing leadership skills can help you succeed in this position.
How Angie’s List Co-Founder Became the Chief Customer Officer at ANGI Homeservices – CB80
Angie Hicks, Co-Founder of Angie’s List, shares how she built Angie’s List into the valuable service provider tool it is today, and how she transitioned her entrepreneurial and marketing experience into the CCO role she currently holds at ANGI Homeservices.
Transform Your B2B Company From A Product-Centric Culture to Customer-Centric Culture with Sami Nuwar – CB79
How do you transform the culture of your company to benefit the lives of your customers? Implement a CX plan that's customer rather than product-driven.
The Importance of Good Customer and User Experience in Higher Education with Marc Riesenberg – CB78
Have you ever thought about the end-to-end customer experience of a student in higher education? This episode addresses implementing a CX program and improving the UX to enhance the student journey in a for-profit education system.
Implement a Customer Experience Strategy at a Startup with VP of Customer Success, Adriana Zeman – CB77
In this episode, Adriana Zeman, VP of Customer Success at Zaius shares her proven path for making CX a part of the business in a start-up operation. Adriana shares her month-to-month plan to implement a customer success journey that goes beyond the initial onboarding phase. 
Hunter Douglas’ B2B and B2C Customer Experience Leadership with Ross Garretson – CB76
I chat with Ross Garretson, Vice President of Customer Experience at Hunter Douglas North America, about how he builds out both the B2B and B2C experience for the worldwide leader in custom window treatments and architectural products.
Growing a Grassroots Customer Experience Effort with EVP Anne Witherspoon – CB75
Episode Overview In today's show with Anne Witherspoon, we learn that sometimes implementing customer experience efforts has to start as a[...]
A Toolkit for Customer Experience Leadership in Government With CCO Anahita Reilly – CB74
CCO Anahita Reilly discusses her customer experience maturity map and actions to unite the leadership team, map the customer journey and drive transformation.
Comcast Customer Experience Improvement Plan, With Charlie Herrin – CB73
How do you turn a long-standing product company into an experience company?
The Lifecycle and Legacy of a Chief Customer Officer, with Stephen Ingledew – CB63
Understanding the financial implications of an over-focus on customer acquisition at the expense of customer retention.
Healthcare CX for over 13 million members, With Geeta Wilson – CB61
The importance of honoring the past in your organization as you try to build out your future.
From Chief Information Officer to Chief Customer Officer, With Brian Lillie – CB60
Interesting to see how other, more traditional department heads are now transitioning into CCO work.
Google’s Customer Experience Leadership, With Catherine Courage – CB59
Catherine, a VP in the Ad/Commerce space at Google, has held similar roles at Citrix and DocuSign. She brings a wealth of experience to this episode.
Award Winning CX Leadership in Banking, with Mark Slatin – CB58
How do you engage your senior leadership team around the idea of CX linking back to financial growth?
Customer Experience Leadership in Luxury Retail, with Alice Rackley – CB57
Digital completely shifted retail, and experience replaced product. What does that mean for a CX leader, tho?
Customer Experience Innovation in Healthcare, With Jackie McAtee – CB56
Lessons from designing the experience at places as varied as the Calgary Stampede and a radiology clinic.
Discussing the Hybrid CMO, With Drew Neisser – CB55
Because of tech/data/change management, the role of CMO is changing a good deal. What does it look like now, and where's it headed?
SVP Member Experience at Peloton, With Brad Olson – CB54
Peloton is up to about 400,000 members in two-three years of selling bikes. How is that member experience scaling?
Transforming CX in Financial Services, With Claudiu Coltea – CB53
A three-stage process (repeated in perpetuity) to change how your customers experience your brand.
Customer Experience Transformation to win “Sports Event of the Year”, With Lynn LaRocca – CB52
Horse racing actually can teach many B2B marketers, CCOs, and event planners a whole host of lessons.
A United Airlines Post Mortem Discussion, With Diane Magers – CB48
A podcast to discuss where, and how, United moves on from their incident.
Chief Customer Officer in Manufacturing & Distribution With Anne Herman – CB47
Anne Herman has a little over 2,000 people in her headcount space, across four continents. How does she manage that?
How NPS was pioneered at Intuit & Sprint, with Brian Andrews – CB46
One of the original developers of Net Promoter Score joins the podcast.
Vice President of Southwest Airlines Inflight Operations, with Sonya LaCore – CB45
What does the customer experience side of managing flight attendants look like?
Chief Customer Experience Officer – San Antonio International Airport, With Karen Ellis – CB44
A lot of people don't enjoy the airport experience, especially within business travel. How is one professional trying to make that better?
CX at the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Eyeglasses, With Diana Helfinstine – CB43
An interesting discussion on how a CCO role evolves across a half-decade.
Brainshark B-B Chief Customer Officer Diane Gordon – CB42
How does one go from being a technical writer to being a CCO?
Senior VP of AARP Customer Experience, With Jim Pendergast- CB41
AARP has 38 million members. How do you engage them all as customers/stakeholders?
Lyft’s VP of Customer Experience and TRUST, With Mary Winfield – CB40
How do you make sure that trust is being retained within a hyper-growth, mission-centric business? Mary Winfield of Lyft comes on the podcast to tell us.
The Chief Customer Officer Role in Media, With Robert Bridge of Telegraph Media Group – CB39
The media segment is beginning to embrace the CCO as a role, and now we get to speak with one!
Developing a New CCO Organization For Dell – During Their Merger With EMC, with Karen Quintos – CB37
Human Duct Tape Show podcast interview with Karen Quintos, the EVP and CCO of Dell Technologies.
A Conversation with the CCO of VMWare, Scott Bajtos – CB36
Scott came to the CCO role from HR, which is different -- but actually makes a ton of logical sense.
How Volkswagen is leading Customer Experience, With Jason Bradshaw – CB035
I get a six-step plan to a customer-driven growth engine from the head of the process for Volkswagen Australia.
President Obama’s Chief Veterans Experience Officer, With Tom Allin – CB34
Tom Allin worked in the Veterans Affairs department (appointed by Obama, in fact) after a long career in the food industry, including being a Managing Director at McDonald's. How do all these experiences vary? How are they similar? An interesting discussion with an interesting man.
2016 lessons from my customer experience podcast
I did 32 episodes of the podcast we all launched this year (more to come). What have my guests taught me?
Chief Customer Success & Happiness Officer, With Amy Downs – CB32
Included: a new way to think about net promoter score.
Blending Customer Success and Customer Experience, With Dayton Semerjian – CB31
How to smash down silos and earn the right to business growth.
Getting Your CCO Role Funded, With Camille Harrison – CB30
What should the first 40 months of CCO work look like -- and what roles best prepare you for it?
A 4-Step Plan For New Chief Customer Officers, With Donna Peeples – CB29
Donna Peeples was CCO at AIG (huge company) and now works at Pypestream (startup). Across two very different roles, what are the crucial components of customer-facing work?
New Leadership Role for Churches: The Pastor of Guest Experience, With Lee West [CB26]
A very different kind of customer experience gets delivered in this episode.
Helping 40 Million Students Repay Their Federal Student Loans, With Chief Customer Officer Brenda Wensil – CB25
When you have 40 million customers who all essentially became customers in an effort to improve their own lives, that's a big commitment. Here's how Brenda Wensil handles it.
The Entrepreneurial CCO, with Kevin Bury – CB24
The importance of priority and focus in directing CCO work, with a man who would know.
Chief Customer Officer Role in the Hospitality Industry, with Mark Weinstein – CB23
Hilton Worldwide has 300,000+ employees and dozens of executives. How does one unify that context for customer-driven growth?
First 90 Days of a Chief Customer Success Officer, with Duygu Cibik – CB22
A three-month roadmap to begin earning the right to do this work.
The payment engine in healthcare, with Jennifer LeMieux of Gaffey Healthcare — CB21
How to simplify a complicated business model with a 10-point plan.
Serial CCO Tips for How/Why to Take a CCO Role, With Tish Whitcraft – CB20
Your job-evaluating, CCO-hopping guide to customer experience work.
Leading Customer Success in a B2B Business, With Jose Vergara – CB019
How does the head of customer experience at McKesson Medical Imaging go about leading customer success in that business unit? And away we go!
Lessons From a Three Time Chief Customer Officer, with Darryl Speach – CB018
Darryl has led CX at a variety of companies, and his advice is both hard-earned and, frankly, joyous. I'm excited for you all to hear this interview.
Leading Customer Experience in a Family Owned Business, with Dave Nelson [CB17]
What are the challenges of customer experience work in a family-owned business? We discuss with Dave Nelson of Armstrong Relocation and Companies.
Customer Experience Leadership in Government, With Stephanie Thum [CB16]
A former journalist becomes one of the primary CX leaders in the federal government. What did the transition and evolution look like?
A Conversation about Oracle’s’ Chief Customer Officer Experience, With Jeb Dasteel – CB015
One of the longest-tenured CCOs in the tech industry, who works for one of the biggest companies in said industry, joins me for an enlightening conversation.
Leading Customer Experience in a Service Business, With Renee Cacchillo [CB014]
Renee Cacchillo of Safelite talks to me about leadership accountability, using data properly, road mapping, and caring about your people.
How General Motors is Embedding Customer Experience, with Dave Mingle [CB13]
General Motors is a massive company. Dave Mingle entered a major CX role there -- and the job title was brand-new. How did he work towards embedding customer experience around so many long-entrenched silos and pre-existing business ideas? That's what we discuss in Episode 13 of my podcast.
Customer Experience in Healthcare, With Natalie Schneider [CB12]
Anthem realized 70 percent of their future growth might come from customer choice and experience. That was a lot of money on the table. What did they do first?
Customer Experience Lessons for Start-Ups, With Lesley Mottla [CB11]
One of the core leadership team from Zipcar, now at M. Gemi, Mottla runs down the biggest customer experience lessons for start-ups.
Being CCO Of A Privately-Held Company, With Nick Frunzi [CB10]
CCO work can be challenging in any context. What happens in a privately-held company, where one family may have owned it for decades and employees are used to one specific way of approaching customer experience?
How Fidelity Embedded Customer Experience Across the Business, With Parrish Arturi [CB9]
Parrish Arturi of Fidelity Investments joins me to discuss engaging middle management, embedding the right vocabulary with other executives, and understanding voice of the customer as you attempt to drive customer experience across the business as a revenue growth tool.
How Airbnb Scales Culture And Customer Experience, With Aisling Hassell [CB8]
Aisling Hassell, the global head of customer experience for Airbnb, joins me on the 8th episode of my podcast. We talk a lot about scaling -- both culture and customer experience -- as well as navigating one's career path.
The Value Of Building Bridges For Customer Experience, with Curtis Kopf [CB7]
I talk with Curtis Kopf in this episode. Curtis was deeply embedded with customer experience at Alaska Airlines before moving to Premara Blue Cross. We discuss the value of building bridges, listening tours, asking the right questions, using analytics wisely, and how conversations drive customer experience.
Modernizing the Library Experience, With Alison Circle – [CB6]
How a high-powered marketer came to help revolutionize the library system of Ohio's capital.
The Audi CX Transformation, with Mark Ramsey – [CB5]
A great conversation with Mark Ramsey of Audi on how to drive organic customer growth, how to build a CX team, how to manage both B2B and B2C commitments, and much more.
How the Smithsonian Built their Journey Map, with Samir Bitar – [CB4]
The Smithsonian is a series of 19 museums, all with different focal points. How do customers (guests) move through that experience seamlessly? Samir Bitar has been working on aspects of that question for a decade. I talk to him about guiding the work properly.
Human-Centered Design at Northern Trust, With Scott Dille – [CB3]
I speak with Scott Dille of Northern Trust on his unusually broad Customer Executive Leadership role, and his path for leading and experience transformation. We also discuss his innovative Northern Lab human-centered design experience, and how to gain traction with human voice of the client work.
How Liberty Mutual Engaged the C-Suite & Built their Customer Room, With Margie Dillon – [CB2]
In this episode, I speak with Margie Dillon, the EVP and Chief Customer Officer for Liberty Mutual, about her unusual path from Chief Financial Officer to Chief Customer Officer. We discussed her very deliberate path to engage the C-Suite and the specific actions that did and did not work.
How St. Jude Honors Donors as Assets, With Martin Hand – [CB1]
I speak to Martin Hand, who's currently CCO of St. Jude but previously held the same role at United Airlines. What's the difference between customer (or donor)-facing work in non-profit and for-profit? He explains. (Hint: It's not as big as we think.)
Marketing Smarts: Is your company committed to customer experience? [Podcast]
Jeanne appeared on the MarketingSmarts podcast in early April 2016 to discuss the value of building your business organically through customer experience. And she also reveals her soon-to-be-released podcast!

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