What’s in Your CX Toolkit?

Your CX Toolkit should include the 5 leadership competencies. They provide a proven framework to build your customer-driven growth engine.

You must clear the hurdle of random experiences, and set the foundation in product and service reliability (“They get it right.”) before you move on to building a personal relationship with customers (“They know me.”) that ultimately broadens into customers referring you to others.

Have you connected the series of contacts you have with customers to bring a sense of reliability in what they can expect from you?

The customer experience that gets you the most confidence with your customers is to get the basics right.

1. Customers as Assets

  • Knowing the growth or loss of customers.
  • Caring about the “why?”
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2. Align Operations Around Experience Design

  • Driving accountability to the stages as customers experience them, not down your silos.
  • Identifying priorities to drive united focus.
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3. Customer Listening

  • Knowing and caring about real time emerging issues, and mapping them to the customer journey.
  • Uniting how you identify and act on issues/opportunities.
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4. Customer Experience Reliability

  • Proactively managing key cross-company process/KPI metric s– to hold yourselves accountable to deliver experience reliability.
  • Driving on-going action on emerging issues before customers tell you.
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Gain Reliability with Accountability
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5. Leadership and Customer Experience Culture

  • Uniting your actions by clarity of purpose.
  • Driving regular CX accountability for taking focused actions.
  • Giving people permission and enabling them to deliver customer experience reliability.
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