Begin Cultivating the Long-Term Customer Relationship

Customers are assets to be cared for and nurtured. Beloved companies are always aware of how their assets are growing or shrinking.

Knowing the value of a long-term customer guides the company’s decisions on how they welcome new customers and continue to develop existing customer relationships.

The formula for success is Belief + Investing = Growth.

Beloved companies believe their customers and employees. This trust enables a company to encourage innovation and partnership. A beloved company gets rid of the extra rules, regulations, and policies; they eliminate the barriers between customers and employees. Employees are free to create moments of truth and deliver a unified customer experience.

  • Find ways to give customers confidence and a lasting impression that they have found a place where they are trusted.
  • View your business as a service that is based on a reciprocal trusting relationship.
  • Free customers of extra rules, policies, and layers of bureaucracy.
  • Replace fear and suspicion with partnership and trust.

Deciding to believe customers comes down to trusting them and treating them like you really value them.

#1 CX Competency – Manage Customers as Assets

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