The Difference between an “Everyday” Company and a “Beloved” Company

The decisions we make tell a story to customers, employees and the marketplace, about how much we’re thinking about the people on the other end of our decisions.

  • What is the story that the collective decisions of your organization are telling your customers, employees, and the marketplace?
  • What is important to you?
  • Are your decisions reflecting what you intended and what your company stands for?

You tell customers every day how much you honor them by the way you direct decisions in one direction or another. And that’s what customers play back to the masses. That’s the story that shows up on the Internet.

Beloved companies are acutely aware that their experience impacts how customers feel and respond. They take the time to make purposeful decisions about the contacts with customers. Beloved companies actively decide to connect who they are as individuals with the decisions they make in how to run their business.

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