Do You Know Your Company’s Power Core?

Understanding your company’s Power Core is a first crucial step in knowing how to proceed with your customer agenda.

The Power Core represents:

  • Your company’s strength in the marketplace
  • The root from which your business grew
  • The most predominant or heralded skill set

The Power Core sets the agenda and priorities of the corporation. The skills that receive high marks from the Power Core are what motivate people today inside your company.

Companies typically forge ahead with the customer work without taking stock of these very real and powerful determinants. They simply begin the CX work, hit the inevitable road-blocks of the Power Core, and from there the work begins to falter and sputter.

Six Common Power Cores

1. Product

2. Marketing

3. Sales

4. Vertical Business

5. Information Technology (IT)

6. Customer

Take the Time to Know Your Company’s Power Core

When you begin the customer work, you need to know how closely the reinforced and innate skills of your organization’s Power Core line up with the skills to drive customer profitability, which are:

  • driving wholesale change
  • leading cross-company, customer-based decisions
  • inspiring creativity for delivering experiences to differentiate you to your customers

Through determining the chasm between inherent company skills, customer profitability skills, and (most importantly) the appetite and urgency of the Power Core for developing new skills, you will be able to know the scale of your work ahead. Then, you can create a meaningful, realistic and successful plan to tackle it.

Begin by answering these questions:

  • How does your company define success?
  • What are the areas of strength the company prides itself in?
  • What part of the company did the leaders of the company come from?
  • What does it excel at?
  • What competencies are stressed?
  • What competencies do the “stars” possess?


Power Core - Six Types

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