Rate the Reliability of Employee Support

employee support rating

After you’ve completed rating reliability of your customer experience, rate the reliability of support that employees receive across the customer journey.

Ask the group to go stage by stage of your customer journey and determine how reliable the employee support is in delivering a one-company customer experience.

Employee Support Reliability Questions To Ask:

Is the support for employees:

  • Always reliable – support is managed across the channels, countries, and silos
  • Sometimes reliable – support and issue resolution depend on the focus of the silo
  • Frequently unreliable – it’s a real problem area

Again, mark the reliability by stage. The employee support rating is just as important as the customer rating. In the discussion with employees, you’ll hear about the root causes and issues preventing the front line and middle management from being able to deliver to reliability to the customer.  This information helps you target performance improvements and innovate at key touchpoints.

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