Rate the Experience Reliability of Each Stage of Your Customer Journey

Experience Reliability Graphic

The Experience Reliability Question

It’s simple: In this stage of your customer journey, is the experience you deliver consistent and reliable?

Start the assessment by having employees walk in your customer’s shoes. This activity is a combination of  watching videos or having them ‘be a customer prior to the session’ by signing up for your services or trying to get a trial, etc.  The reason to start here is because most employees definition of ‘good experience’ is tied to how hard they are working to deliver their work. And that’s true. People are working hard but most often working separately and that silo work gets in the way of experience reliability. Employees need to see the total experience as customers do.

Delivering Reliability Stage By Stage

Next, ask the group to go stage by stage of your customer journey and determine how reliable each stage is at all times in delivering a one-company experience.

Is the stage:

  • Always reliable – this experience is totally managed across the channels, countries, and silos
  • Sometimes reliable – it depends where the customer interacts
  • Frequently unreliable – it’s a real problem area for you

Mark the reliability by stage. It may be between the categories of reliability. Most are.


People are surprised when they evaluate themselves close to ‘frequently unreliable’ on many stages. That’s because the company and leaders have not had the opportunity to think about reliability the way the customer has. That’s the power of the reliability reality check. It unites leaders and the organization in the work that needs to be done. And it clearly shows that for a complete one company customer experience to be delivered, it can’t happen by one silo.



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  • Darren DeMatas

    Its always a good idea to have customers experience the customer journey. It can uncover some really obvious problems. Better yet, have upper management do the same & handle customer service calls, too :)

    Consistency is key to building loyalty.

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