Do You Accept the Order and the Responsibility? is loved, from technical wizards to those who are just beginning to introduce technology into their lives. A big reason for this adoration is because it tells the truth about its inventory to customers. The minute the warehouse runs out of an item, marks that product as unavailable on the Web page or it is removed from their site. breaks from the frequent practice of electronics and technology retailers who offer an extensive inventory, feigning depth and availability of product. Often those other retailers order the item from the supplier only after the customer places an order. As anyone who’s experienced this practice knows, the benefit is all on the side of the merchant, not the customer. They’ve got the customer’s money, and those other merchants have checked “fulfillment” of the order off their list. But the customer is left waiting, and waiting, and waiting. knows their customers start watching the clock as soon as they place the order with them. So commits to delivery reliability. If you can place an order for an item on their site, you are guaranteed that it is on its way to you.

Do You Accept the Order and the Responsibility?

Since the first order was placed in 2001, has grown to 11 million registered customers. And it’s not just because of their inventory; the Newegg experience is about reliability, commitment, and community. An average of 600,000 daily visitors go to the Web site to chat with the swarming masses of folks on their boards, but they also go there to place orders. ships over 40,000 orders a day. Customers can count on, so they stick with the company. Most important, customers show their love with sales. The second largest online-only retailer in the United States, in 2009 sold approximately $2.3 billion of products.

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