Do You Decide with Clarity of Purpose?

clarity of purpose

The companies beloved by their customers work hard every day to exhibit clarity of purpose – they resist the pull of “normal” business practices to create a powerful human connection with their customers.

Beloved companies take the time to be clear about what their unique promise is for their customers’ lives.

They use this clarity when they make decisions so they align to this purpose, to this promise. Clarity of purpose guides choices and unites the organization. It elevates people from executing tasks to delivering experiences customers will want to repeat and tell others about.

Decision 2: Decide with Clarity of Purpose

What Defines Your Experience?
Do You Hire People Who Fit the Soul of Your Company?
Does Your Experience Have an Expiration Date?
If You Shed Legacy Industry Practices – What Could You Become?
What are Your Customer Experience Bookends?
How Fresh Are You?
What’s Your Vibe?
What Pushes Your “Yes” Button?
Do You Deliver a Closing Memory?

With clarity of purpose, customers can easily tell the story of your company because your actions connect. Across the organization, people work toward delivering a higher purpose rather than a set of tasks.

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