Customer Analysis: How about creating a customer room?

Customer Analysis Customer Room

Customer analysis is no doubt an important topic in CX. We’re up into the 20s on episode count for my podcast, but back in Episode 3 I interviewed Scott Dille of Northern Trust. We talked a lot about creating a customer room — they call it a CPX studio — which can be a really valuable tool for customer analysis. I’ve written about this idea of a customer room many times, from this post in November 2015 entitled “Build A Customer Room And Engage The Company” to this post (June 2015) called “Bring The Silos Together In The Customer Room.”

Basically, this is the major benefit of a customer room: it will become a tangible depiction of your customers’ journey with you. If you are regularly engaging leaders in a customer room, the customer analysis can flow from there — and, as an additional bonus, the silo structure that often stunts growth can fade away.

The power of the customer room: Visual storytelling

Grab a hard copy of my book Chief Customer Officer 2.0 and flip on over to page 175. The customer room is set up as an experience. It’s a way for your leaders and organization to step through customers’ lives. At each stage of the customer journey, you’re going to focus on:

  • Unaided listening
  • Aided listening
  • Experience artifacts (collateral, recordings)
  • Operational reliability metrics
  • Touchpoints relative to that stage

This customer room power is going to drive your (a) leadership growth, (b) customer-driven growth engine, and (c) opportunities for customer analysis.

Customer analysis: The power of regularly engaging leaders in the customer room

My big four powers of the customer room have always been:

  • Connecting the work of CX to ROI
  • Breeding a care for the customer across all senior leaders
  • Uniting focus, priorities, and commitments
  • Driving accountability to reward the middle

These are all crucial almost regardless of what industry or vertical you work in. Priorities are unfortunately a mess at many companies — too many silos trying to be “the” revenue stream of note for the executives. ROI should be everything in business. Accountability is crucial to running any company. And if the entire senior leadership team doesn’t have a care for the customer, you won’t see any growth from CX. This is why you need to get the power core into a customer room. All your customer journey mapping and customer analysis will spring forth from that.

What else would you add here on customer analysis or the power of a successful customer room?

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