Connect the Disjointed Customer Metrics

Disjointed metrics don’t add up to a good experience for customers. Disjointed goals and metrics result in the erosion of the brand and customer profitability. Customers leave due to service failures and lack of differentiation.

An unreliable customer experience can be attributed to:

  • Separate silo-specific operational objectives
  • President reports by operation versus by customer group or customer experience
  • Inconsistent operational metrics created separately
  • Little collaboration on company wide customer objectives and what that means operationally
  • Lack of comprehensive metrics
  • Lack of understanding what motivates the customer to increase their purchase behaviors, company loyalty and profitability
  • Lack of measurement of customer profitability or customer metrics

Take Action:  Connect the Disjointed Metrics

Download Customer Metrics Chart and Kick Start Activity (pdfs)

Step 1. Fill out the chart  with all the different metrics on people’s scorecard by silo.

The results will give you traction on why there’s a need to unscramble the “spaghetti bowl” of mixed metrics and uncoordinated goals getting in the way of customer growth.

Step 2.  Complete the Kick-Start Activity.

Start with 10 key interaction points where you can begin to connect the metrics.

Want more details on connecting disjointed metrics? Read pages 70-72 from my book, “Chief Customer Officer.

Quick Reference: Guerilla Metrics (Five Answers Every CEO Should Want to Know – Managing Customers as Assets)

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