Pacific Gas & Electric’s Community Support Shows They Care and Put Customers First

Pacific Gas & Electric's Community Support Shows They Care and Put Customers First

After wildfires ravished many Northern California neighborhoods this past October, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) took action to support its customers affected by the devastation. I was delighted to see how PG&E showcased its character and values through positive actions that support its community. The company recently announced that it will offer no cost installation and removal of temporary electric service to eligible customers who’ve been affected by the natural disaster.

With the goal to improve their customers’ lives, PG&E’s Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Laurie Giammona stated the following:

We’ve been a part of these impacted communities for decades. We will be here to support our customers and these communities throughout the rebuilding process. We strongly support the Commission’s approval to allow us to offer these no-cost solutions that will enable our customers to focus on their families and their futures.

Decide to be There, to be Real, and to Earn Your Customer’s Trust

In addition to providing installation and removal of temporary electric service at no cost, PG&E has already done the following to support customers: temporarily suspending bills for impacted customers, offering deposit relief for customer who lost their homes, providing flexible payment options, and more.

In times of crisis, it’s always encouraging to see brands connect with their customers in ways that can alleviate some of the day-to-day stress (Tweet This)By empathizing with the victims and thinking of them as more than just dollars and cents, PG&E has decided to be real; it’s attempting to offer a bit of peace of mind when it comes to gas and electric services within the community.

How would you want your mother to be treated during a time of crisis?

PGE’s approach makes me think they truly thought about the impact these wildfires have had on the lives of their customers. I’d like to think that maybe a C-Suite executive thought about their mother, or their own family, and the type of relief they’d like to see from a company operating within a community affected by crisis. Maybe they said, how would I want my mother to be impacted by this type of situation? As she’s trying to rebuild her life and home, is anyone looking out for her? It takes true leadership and commitment to values to empathize and “walk in their customers’ shoes.”

Thank you, PG&E for showing your humanity – for understanding that life is unpredictable and sometimes people need a little assistance getting back on their feet while the dust of a crisis settles.

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