3 Most Popular Episodes From My Podcast: The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show


I hope you’re all taking some time to enjoy being with loved ones, eating, and relaxing. But I know many of you are busy professionals and you may even be using some of your time off to catch up on industry news or your own work.

So with that said, in the event that you’re looking to hear more about customer experience and learn from other great leaders in this industry while you cook, clean, or lay back – I’m sharing 3 of my most popular podcast episodes from this past year.

All 3 episodes are available below, just click on the play button to start listening!

Build Customer Experience From Your Core Values

I must say, I’m not surprised that this episode with Mary Winfield, the VP of Customer Experience and Trust at Lyft is the most downloaded episode. Lyft is truly a company that operates from a set of core values. In 2016, I also wrote a blog post, Why You Should Love Lyft More Than Uber, detailing the many benefits to supporting Lyft – they’re truly a beloved company. Congrats to them for their new expansion in the Canadian market as well. In this episode, Mary and I spoke about how she defined the customer experience role in a mission centered company – one that works hard to retain the trust of its drivers, employees, and customers.

A great takeaway that Mary shared was: “Don’t underestimate the importance of first building an easy, consistent reliable customer experience. You need to ‘earn the right’ to the customers peace of mind and wanting to continue with you. Not everything needs to be super complicated, especially not in the early stages.” (Tweet this)
Click here for the show notes.

6 Steps to Building a Customer-Driven Growth Engine

This is another great episode, in which Jason Bradshaw, the senior leader for customer experience of Volkswagen Group Australia, spoke about how important and thorough the hiring process of the company is. He shared 6 steps he went through in order to build a customer-driven growth engine once in his role. Simply stated, the first step begins with defining and clarifying the question: “What is customer experience?”

During the interview, Jason shared this wonderful gem that I always vouch for, “Understand how the work you do every week is benefiting the lives of others — both customers, but also stakeholders and other employees.” (Tweet this) Click here for show notes.

Always Showcase the Quantifiable Value of What You Do

I found this conversation quite fascinating, because Brad Olson, the senior vice president of Member Experience, spoke of how Peloton, a mission based company that creates indoor exercise bikes, is revolutionizing the fitness industry. It is doing so by merging high design with modern technology in order to provide access to on-demand group fitness classes from home. Peloton owns every aspect of the business model, from bike production to software and content – so crafting a quality customer experience was extremely important to them.

Here’s a great quote from Brad during this episode that’s always useful no matter what industry you’re in: “Keep showcasing the quantifiable value of what you do: it helps with career development, as well as decision-making.(Tweet this) Click here for show notes.

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