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I teach you how to conduct Transformational customer journey mapping.



“Blommer Chocolate is a 3rd generation family business whose growth is earned by nurturing long term customer partnerships grounded in trust. To help our customers navigate an increasingly complex and competitive environment we knew we needed to elevate the experience we deliver to them. Jeanne Bliss brought the expertise we needed. She helped us build a practical road map to improve customer experiences in alignment with our values and strategy.”
Tori Blommer-O’Malley, Chief Customer Officer, Blommer Chocolate



The real transformational power in building a customer (and employee) journey map is to embed a new starting point for the work of the organization. Instead of starting with the silos, the journey gives you a frame to start with customers’ lives.

Companies that transform how they grow and are deliberate about it, do so because they think about the people at the end of their decisions. The intent of their work is to “earn the right” to grow by improving their lives. A journey framework, even in its simplest form when used with consistency provides rigor to understand where the priorities in customers’ lives are.


Using the journey to look comprehensively across what the company delivers enables leaders to make choices. This moves the work from ‘boiling the ocean,’ trying to drive improvement on all the touchpoints (Visio blindness anyone?) to FOCUSING on those that matter most in the lives of customers. This establishes a framework for leaders to use in how they talk about the business, and how they drive accountability. That is, across the life versus down the silos. Every leader I have worked with and every leadership team I have coached have asked for language in a simple manner to help them galvanize people around customer-driven growth. The customer journey provides that talk track.


These are My Services for Transformational Customer Journey Mapping:

1. Cultural Evolution from Silos to Experience: Drafting Your Customer Journey Stages and Touchpoints

This is the process to unite the multiple silos in your organization to focus on customers’ lives and drive company –wide prioritization through that lens. The activities involved in this service are noted below. If you are interested, or want to know more please contact Jeanne.

  • Selection of customer journey to map
  • Engagement with leadership
  • Outside-In journey stage developed
  • Full day customer experience mapping workshop with 40-60 practitioners from all silos in your company
  • Draft of your customer journey by stage with touchpoints, ready to be taken to customers, with emotions, needs and end state quotes to be earned from customers.
  • Communication to your organization on the process and drafted customer experience

2. Leadership Engagement and Customer Co-Creation: Defining Your Customer Journey Framework

This is the process to co-create with customers to reach your final framework for your customer experience journey. We do this by inviting in small groups of 12-15 customers and 3-4 of your leaders into the process. Using magnetic boards for real time touchpoint creation and prioritization, we add to what was created in your employee session. Through holding multiple sessions, videotaping them, and combining this information with quantitative information, you then are ready to build your customer journey map.

We facilitate a conversation with your customers and leaders in these small groups across multiple geographies, discussing each stage of your customer journey. Leaders become personally engaged in customers’ lives, as they are coached to ask questions to understand customer needs and treatment by stage. The activities involved in this service are noted below. If you are interested, or want to know more please contact Jeanne.

  • Development of magnetic customer journey mapping for co-creation session
  • Facilitation of sessions with leaders and customers
  • Skill transfer to you, so you can continue to facilitate these sessions yourself
  • Detailed notes and summary of each session
  • A prioritized journey map, with these discussions videotaped, and ready to be packaged to engage your company in understanding customers’ lives and the stages where you need to earn the right to growth.

3. Embedding the Journey to Improve Customers’ Lives

The reasons for a journey map are to:

  • Give Leaders a Framework for Guiding the Work of the Organization.
  • Unite Accountability as Customers Experience You. Not Down Your Silos.

Many people have done some sort of journey mapping, the outcomes of which are sitting in binders on somebody’s shelf. What the journey map should do for your leaders and company is become the narrative through which people talk about your business priorities. The stages of the experience should guide how you organize and use customer feedback to tell the story of customers’ lives. Your prioritized customer touchpoints should focus investments, be a guide for how leaders ask for accountability, and drive focus on which operational metrics everyone understands and cares about as much as sales goals. Annual planning should be guided by understanding where you are meeting, exceeding or disappointing customers, by stage of the experience.

The 5 Leadership competencies guide the development of a comprehensive view of, and empathy for, customer experiences with your business today. By doing so, they embed leadership behaviors and company wide practices to always look across the journey to solve and improve the most important experiences that improve customers’ lives. In my 3-month coaching sprint, we focus on integrating the five competencies into your operation, to make your customer journey guide how your business chooses to grow. If you are interested, or want to know more please contact Jeanne.

Jeanne Bliss on Earning the Right to Grow

“Jeanne's take on customer experience gave us a highly meaningful and actionable path to improve the experience for our end user customers.”
Chris Dawson, VP & General Manager, Global Sales, Consumer Experience Division, BRP–Bombardier Recreational Products

To build your customer journey map to guide how your business will grow, contact Jeanne.


  • Read Jeanne’s Book, Chief Customer Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Drive Growth Engine.
  • And take the Reality Check Audit to evaluate how far along you are in embedding the customer journey to earn the right to growth.