Why a Unified Cross-Silo Customer Experience is Important

The grand outcome of dueling silos is the random and inconsistent customer treatment delivered to customers.  Your organization charts and biorhythmic service emerge most clearly when customers do business with you. Service providers and everyone else throughout the company can’t get a grip on what their personal performance is supposed to be.

Without the guideposts of metrics to keep people focused, the delivery of service frequently goes up and down based on the mood, competence, or opinions of the person interacting with the customer. This is biorhythmic service because the front line, not the company, individually makes decisions on what the brand will mean to customers, and that changes from day to day, from person to person. There is no process inside the organization to work together and figure out how to move the customer through an experience versus a tour of your disjointed and dysfunctional organization charts. Unreliable, uncoordinated operations and biorhythmic service impact your business growth and profitability.

Three Sobering Facts*:

#1 – 34% of customers say bad experiences are caused by interacting with a rude or disinterested employee

#2 – 1 in 5 customers say bad experiences lead them to switch brands

#3 – 20% of customers switch brands due to low product or service quality

 A Unified Cross-Silo Customer Experience:

1. Provides accountability and connects the functions of the operation that deliver service to the customer

2. Brings the silos together to use annual planning in a strategic manner to drive the management of customers as assets

Download:  How to Reduce Dueling Silos

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*Source for Sobering Facts: NetPromoter Industry Benchmarks Study


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