Where Are You Now in Managing Customers as Assets?

Managing customers is not usually placed front and center as a priority like quarterly sales. Without a simplified and focused approach on customers as assets, your customers continue to be considered a by-product of the work, not the reason for the work. Customer math is the first step to “customer experience reliability,” so how well does your company do it?

Review these questions to gauge your current performance in managing customers as assets:


  • Do you stress and actively pursue how you are managing the asset of the customer growth or loss?
  • Do you highlight where you are in losing or gaining customers as key talking points in meetings within the organization?

Data Enabling:

  • Have you identified all the data sources that need to connect to consistently and confidently measure and manage the growth or loss of the customer asset across the organization?

Do You Want to Know Why?

  • Are you actively anxious and passionate about why customers are leaving?
  • Do you want to know what you did operationally to drive departure?
  • Do you personally talk to customers who have left – not as a research exercise but as an operational call to action?

If you’re in the early stages or have not yet reached maturity in managing customers as assets, take action:

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