Three Steps to Reduce Dueling Silos

You can recognize disconnected silo agendas at work when short-term revenue requirements compromise long-term revenue efforts.

  • There’s a lack of clarity on what’s really important to differentiate the company.
  • The customer is not understood the same way by everyone in the company.
  • There’s an imbalance between the culture to drive revenue and the understanding of including customer investment.

The shorthand for the CCO role is to be that duct tape to connect the silos by reframing the work of the business through the lens of how your customer experiences the company.

Take Action: Three Steps to Reduce Dueling Silos

The key to this work is to be high on operational relevance and low on the “Kumbaya” or lip service.

1. Unite the Operation in the Customer Experience Perspective

Facilitate company wide definition of your customer experience.

2. Identify Cross-Silo Dependencies

Identify the silos required by stage of the experience and rate the ability today to coordinate among the silos to deliver a united experience.

3. Evaluate the Silo Impact Across the Customer Experience

This will give you a sense of the work ahead required to unite the silos.. For each stage, rate if the silos are united to always, sometimes or rarely deliver a reliable experience.


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