Reset Expectations on Quarterly Results

This customer experience work is not for the mild-hearted or quarterly inclined.

Don’t bail in the first year because the results don’t come as cleanly as seeing response rates on a marketing campaign or the number of page views on your Web site. You need belief and commitment that this is the right course. Employees must hear from the CEO that the company ticker on proclaiming something a success or failure has a much longer timeline here.

Customer work requires a reset of timelines and expectations for quarterly results. Becoming a ‘customer’ company is a multi-year endeavor.

When things begin to waver (and they will), employees need to hear that the corporate patience exists to stay the course. We have been programmed to worry about lack of results in increments of quarters.

If the CEO doesn’t personally commit to corporate patience, employees will see right through it. They will abandon efforts on “customer stuff” when performance ratings are not yielding results quickly enough for the impatient corporate machine.

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