Are You Practicing Wild Empathy?

Customer empathy is not a pity-party!

The ability to empathize and to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes so we understand what they are going through – tests the humanity of our organizations.

Bring groups of people together in clusters of 20-30 people and have them identify the top ten customer frustrations that are occurring right now. Identify which have emerged recently and discuss how customers are responding and coping with challenges.

Then bring people up in groups of two and have them role-play customer conversations. Film these sessions and make them available to everyone. I guarantee that the small investment in filming will be worth it.

Giving people permission and good examples for how to empathize will provide not only comfort to customers who receive it, but also to your employees who are feeling the pinch themselves.

The humanity and humility that comes with acknowledging this condition will bring you closer to your employees and customers.

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