Reflecting at the Year Mark: 3 Lessons on Leadership from a Year of Coronavirus

As we round the corner on the one-year mark of this pandemic, I want to take a moment to reflect on some of the key lessons that still hold true. Even as more people get the vaccine and we slowly edge into “normal life,” it’s vital for us not to waste this opportunity.

We must take the lessons of this last year and use them to shape how we lead our organizations into the future. Let’s take a look back on three of these critical lessons together.

Move How You Listen to Customers—From ASKING to UNDERSTANDING

Throughout the last year, I’ve spoken about the importance of shifting from validating the points we’ve predetermined to understanding our customers’ lives and how they’ve changed. In the next several years, this upheaval will continue and it’s critical that we stay nimble in learning what matters to our customers, how their lives are changing, and what they need.

Things won’t just go back to normal, so be sure that your team continues to learn and understand your customers’ pain points, their priorities, and where you can add value.

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Weave Humanity Into How Companies Operate and Earn Greater Growth

I have loved seeing leaders shed their corporate veneer during this time, conducting town halls and listening sessions from their living rooms, with their dogs running around under foot. This humanity is critical–and it’s a shame that it has taken this crisis to truly make it central to how many leaders approach their work.

Even as we move forward, I encourage you to continue to hold onto that humanity and harness it as a central tenet of how you operate and shape experience for both your employees and your customers.

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This time can become an opportunity for humanity to be woven into how companies operate and earn greater growth. Share on X

Lessons From Leaders on Adapting During the Pandemic

Our community of experience professionals have been so giving and supportive during this time, and it’s been my honor to have so many incredible guests on my LinkedIn Live show, Daily Dose of Optimism, as well as on my podcast.

In these interviews, my guests have shared lessons on mapping a path forward for your team through clarity of vision, listening and pivoting to retain customers, and going back to fundamentals to provide positive experiences and support for our community.

These conversations are so thoughtful and valuable that you’ll be seeing some replays of several of my favorites in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, be sure that you read this post for insights from just three of these interviews. And visit my podcast page for all of the episodes.

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