This is the Time to Weave Humanity Into How Companies Operate and Earn Greater Growth

We have seen leaders around the world engage personally in the lives of their customers and employees.  They have shed the corporate veneer and packaging to listen—really listen to understand people’s worries, concerns and shifting needs.

We have seen that companies have the ability to be flexible and pivot swiftly, through uniting their organizations to focus on the most important things and deliver value that people need now to achieve their goals.

THESE behaviors are what experience really has needed all along to elevate an organization and its people to show up differently in the marketplace and with customers.  What I hope is that these new instinctual behaviors become habits and they become a natural part of the way leaders lead.

If this can happen, then this time can become an opportunity for humanity to be woven into how companies operate and earn greater growth.

Resources to Help Turn These Behaviors Into Habits

1. In this Pandemic, Move How You Listen to Customers—From ASKING to UNDERSTANDING

Talk to your team about how you listen to your customers during this time. Do you stop your surveys? How do you get feedback? In this article, I share six key ways in which we should listen to our customers and communicate with them.

2. In this Time of Coronavirus…Let Goodness in Business Prevail. Human and Financial Prosperity Will Follow

Be kind, extend grace, and practice mutual trust and respect. These are three areas around which you should align your team during this time and carry forward. Learn more in this article.

3. Introducing the Daily Dose of Optimism: Highlighting Grand Acts of Humanity

In this series, what I want to share with you are acts of goodness that will drive and will earn both human and financial prosperity, as we work our way out of this. Share these videos with your team to highlight the ways we should behave moving forward.

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