Own the Moment with Experience Reliability

When your experience is unreliable, the most powerful way to grow will suffer: positive word of mouth.

With social media becoming a shiny object, along with a lot of Customer Experience tactics, the tendency is to go out and implement the “wow” moments. But reliability has to come first – otherwise money spent on the “wow” is wasted investment. Think of reliability as the foundation.  You will differentiate when you are consistent and reliable.

When I give keynotes I tell a story about the hotel experience that resonates: If when you check into a hotel, they ask you what type of pillow you’d like, and the kind of chocolate you’d like at turndown; but when you walk in the room, there’s hair in the sink and dirt under the bed, all that early ‘wow’ is lost in the lack of reliability during the end to end experience.

The London School of Business says that there is a 300% revenue gain to be had by focusing on reliability versus the wow moments. That does not mean that your version of reliability is mundane. Apple has their own way of doing reliability and that differentiates them. Amazon is a reliability engine. Amazon sold their first book in 1995. If they did not sell, ship and deliver that book in a reliable way, they would not have earned the right to the over 200 categories that they sell now. Reliability, not “wow!” drives them.

The role of the Chief Customer Officer is to drive executive and organizational appetite for wanting to know about interruptions in customers’ lives and opportunities for differentiation. That means simplicity in how you deliver the information, show its impact and galvanize leaders into action.

Objectives of experience reliability are:

  • Unite the silos.
  • Simplify how key customer intersection points are delivered.
  • Ensure one-company response to performance issue improvements and innovation development.


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  • Jeanne, thank you for this .In the Logistics business very little attention is paid by Ocean carriers on ‘ reliability ‘ , it is now understood that ocean carriers will change their service levels when they want to – without understanding, or caring as to the potential severe impact they are having on their customers supply chains . Many ocean carriers are at sub par performance , approx 60% reliability(on time performance) and have very little “wow” to offer anyone , even the advantage of a “cheap” rate is lost on the customer when the shipment does not arrive on time. My experience , and as amplified by my panel at April’s Journal of Commerce TPM conference, showed that Beneficial cargo owners , would always pay more for certainty !

    Thank you

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