Name Your Customer Journey Stages

name your customer journey stages

When you take on journey mapping, make your first action gaining agreement on the names of the stages of your customer journey. This is very important. It’s the beginning of shifting from thinking silos to thinking about what customers are trying to achieve as a result of their interaction with you.

It’s helpful to think about every stage as a complete experience.

At the end of the each Customer Journey Stage:

  • Can your customer state what they were able to accomplish?
  • Is your customer clear about the value they received?
  • Does your customer want to stay with you?
  • Is your customer compelled to tell others about the experience?

What’s been interesting, as I’ve been interviewing over forty CCOs for my new book, Chief Customer Officer 2.0, is that most are advocating for a simple journey map, and stage names that mean something. I couldn’t agree more.

Naming Customer Journey Stages

The biggest impact we are having universally is when we use the stage names to galvanize leaders and the organization in how they think about their work, and in how they communicate.

At the top is the OUTSIDE-IN APPROACH.

  • This starts with the customers’ life.
  • Stage names describe what the customer needs to accomplish, and how he or she would describe what they want to accomplish.

At the bottom is the INSIDE-OUT APPROACH.

  • This starts with silo objectives.


Which are your journey stages most like now?

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