Move from Silo Based Actions To Customer Journey Based Priorities

All too frequently the customer experience is the unplanned collision of deliverables between the silos. A customer experience that’s knit together through the operation life cycle isn’t really thought through.

Delivering a unified customer experience is difficult because it requires that the silos drop their functional disciplines during the planning stages. It makes every project seem more complex because there are more people at the table participating in every aspect of the business. But the companies that are doing this well are the ones that customers continue to name as their favorites.

Uncover the Answers to Move from Silo Based Actions To Customer Journey Based Priorities:

Do you have consensus on the stages of the experience?

Do you have consensus on how to define the experience you deliver to your customers – holistically as the customer would describe it?

Have you mapped the touchpoints to know which are most critical to:

  • driving revenue?
  • forming a relationship/bond?
  • rescuing customers at risk?
  • retaining and growing share of wallet?

Have you done the research and work to know what customers value most?

Do you know what drives your customers emotionally so that you can build differentiated actions?

Are you focused on the right things?

The process of identifying the moments of truth drives awareness about where a company can have an impact on a customer relationship and customer profitability.

Finally, the moments of truth burst across the silos and push them to work together in the optimum delivery of the experience. Building an operating plan for the execution of the key moments of truth clarifies the organizational and operational handoffs where so much customer dissatisfaction and defection occurs.

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