Jeanne Bliss Interview on “The Marketing Book Podcast”

Jeanne Bliss Artillery Marketing

I had the pleasure of being on The Marketing Book Podcast a few weeks back; a great book review show produced by Douglas Burdett of Artillery Marketing out of Norfolk, Virginia. (be sure to check out his podcast!)

In this interview, we mostly walked through Chief Customer Officer 2.0, although we touch on some of my other books. Here’s the take from the host:

Think about it. Most products and services are at parity now. Pricing is more competitive than ever. And even the best marketing will only help to get customers to try you once.  And that’s because if the experience your customers have with you is a bad one, they will not return. And, they’ll tell the world on social media and review sites to stay away from you. But if your customers have a great experience and you delight them, they will remain loyal customers and tell others.  And that is the most powerful marketing – studies show that people trust word of mouth recommendations from friends (and even strangers) much more than what a company says about itself.

It’s all true, of course — this has consistently been backed up by research in the last decade.

You can listen to or view my appearance above. Come back to this site on Tuesday for my own podcast (new episode arriving then) and a week from today for a new blog post. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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