How to Build a Bond with Your Customers

“Deciding to be there” begins with learning about your customers’ lives and their needs, then building a solution from their point of view.

Companies that understand it’s emotion that bonds them with customers obsess about getting to know who their customers are and what they desire. When a company taps into these emotions and desires, they open up a world of possibilities that can capture the imagination of their business.

Kohl’s  latest marketing campaign, “Find Your Yes,” seizes the emotions of a kid’s achievement and a parent’s support. The spots offer the customer’s point of view:

– a mom coaching her daughter to ride a bike

– a young boy’s first experience on a diving board

They focus on moments in the lives of their customers. And Kohl’s is working to build a bond with their customers.  Michelle Gass, Chief Customer Officer at Kohl’s, stated in Advertising Age,”We know that every day, people have a choice. We celebrate choosing ‘Yes,’ and we want to empower our customers to embrace ‘Yes’ in their daily lives.”

The companies that do this well – build lasting bonds with customers – are remembered with fondness because they were there during important times in their customers’ lives.

    • Do your customers’ lives inform and inspire the behavior, the actions and the operations of your business?
    • Does how your customers go through their day inspire and inform the actions you take?

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  • Great article, and I would like to add that in a b2b environment you can make your customers succes work for you when you send an apprecation. For instance when they have an anniversary or won a prize. If you send something original you create a bond with your customer that will ensure longevity of your relationship. Same goes for a welcoming package for new clients or a gift when an assignment is finished.

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