How Reliable is Your Everyday Experience?

Many companies want to leapfrog past the tough blocking and tackling of doing the everyday things right and move on toward loyalty programs. This won’t cut it.

If a company can’t get the basics down in the basic delivery of its products and services, other efforts will fall on the deaf ears of customers. What’s the benefit of a points program if you force a customer through an elaborate maze of random experiences every time that person interacts with you?

The customer experience that gets you the most confidence with your customers is to get the basics right. First, earn the right to a customer’s confidence, and then move on from there.

You need to knit together the series of contacts you have with customers to bring a sense of reliability in what they can expect from you. You must clear the hurdle of random experiences, and set the foundation in product and service reliability (“They get it right.”) before you move on to building a personal relationship with customers (“They know me.”).

Customer Experience Reliability begins with:

1. Managing the Customer as an Asset

2. Customer Listening

3. “One Company” Experience Improvement

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