Find Out How Much Rock Pushing You Need To Do

Download the 26-page Reality Check Audit (You’ll need about 30 minutes for the exercise.) The Reality Check Audit covers the seven dimensions of building customer relationships and managing customer profitability:

1. Customer Leadership – probes for leadership specifics. For example, is there clarity to steer decisions toward customers? And do you know what customers value?

2. Customer Listening – measures the organization’s muscle for listening and responding to customer issues

3. Metrics – evaluates how much you’ve executed a metrics system people understand and use to manage the business and customer experience.

4. Accountability and Taking Action – tests how disciplined the process is to measure and demand the new behavior required to manage customer profitability

5. Unified Experience – exams how purposeful the organization has been in determining what it delivers to customers.

6. Enabling Service Delivery – audits how well the front line has been supported and prepared by the organization to deliver to customers.

7. Motivation and Recognition – audits how well the company is motivating the drive for customer relationships and customer profitability. It probes to understand how you’re using motivation and recognition to develop company behavior and culture.

Think of the Reality Check Audit as your “To Do List.” It’s a great way to get the lights turned on inside your corporate machine on how much work this “customer thing” takes.

Use it to set expectations and to plot out your priorities. Frequently, the most challenging part of this work is managing expectations about the scale of the work required to drive the company together to manage customer relationships and profitability.

The Reality Check Audit is meant to help you gain alignment on how much you’ve done and how much is left to do. You’ll find 56 questions covering seven dimensions necessary to build a customer ecosystem inside your corporate machine.

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