Eight Actions that Ensure Chief Customer Officer Success

Hiring a Chief Customer Officer signals that something is being done for the customers. It gets precariously close to letting the president make a check next to “customer” on his or her list of things to do because it’s now being “handled.” This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The leadership of the company must be behind the Chief Customer Officer.  Senior executives should know that before they commit to a Chief Customer Officer, this will require a time commitment from them. Especially if the Chief Customer Officer comes from outside the business, he or she will need these executives to cut a swath through the politics of the organization.

There are eight actions the executive sponsor needs to do to ensure CCO success:

1. Take Personal Ownership

2. Make the CCO an Officer of the Company

3. Establish Acceptance and Role Clarity

4. Accelerate CCO Value-Added Right Away

5. Drive Regular Accountability

6. Provide Political Air Cover

7. Insist on Political Patience

8. Demystify the Roadmap


CEO Actions to Ensure CCO Success

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