Don’t Make Customers Play the Service Waiting Game

Stop the Service Waiting Game

In this week’s Daily Dose video, I share a short video inspired by the lessons of my most recent book, Would You Do That To Your Mother

The following is a lightly edited transcript of the video below.

Does this scenario sound familiar: I’ve had breakfast, lunch and a snack and the cable guy is still not here. I got a call from him about an hour ago that he’s, “On his way.” No clue what that means.

Is it about your customer’s needs? Or about your company’s?

Would you do that to your mother? Would you tell her you wanted to visit her, then give her a four hour window, during which time you may or you may not show up?

That four hour window was created for the company, not for the customer, and certainly not for your mom. It says, “We put our needs ahead of yours.”

Lost wages + productivity = irate customers

In a survey conducted by CNN Money, 58% of Americans said they waited for in home appointments for the cable guy and other people for an average of four and a half hours. Many lost wages waiting and some even had to use a sick day or a vacation day!

End the 4-hour service window! Show your customers you respect them by honoring their time. Your actions, more than your empty promises, equal respect. #MakeMomProud Click To Tweet

This isn’t that hard to overcome. 70% of customers say they will recommend you just for being on time.

In these times, your actions, more than your empty promises, equal respect.

Here’s a comic that summarizes this “Would You do That To Your Mother?” moment:

Comic: "I've had breakfast, lunch, and a snack. I've gained 15 pounds and the cable guys is still not here."

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