Beloved Companies Decide to Say Sorry

The humanity of a company and how it reacts in adversity shows the true colors of that company more than almost any situation they might encounter. Grace and wisdom guides the decisions of beloved companies when the chips are down—not accusations and skirting accountability. Repairing the emotion connection well is a hallmark of companies we love. It makes us love them more. How a company makes decisions to explain, react, remove the pain, and take accountability for actions signals loud and clear how they think about customers and the collective “heart” of the organization.

Years of earned good intentions build up a reserve that makes forgiving the beloved companies who make sincere apologies something we’re open to do.

Decision 5: Decide to Say Sorry

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Is Your Humility Oven Lit?
Does Your Culture Stick When Times Are Tough?
Do You Accept Accountability When Things Go Wrong?
Can You Suspend the Fear and Say “We’re Sorry”?
How Proactive Are You?
Can Your Front Line Rescue Customers?

Apology Peace Process

Do You Learn and Change from Your Mistakes?

The apology peace process between companies and customers is comprised of five actions that signal to customers that they are important and that someone is looking after them.

  1. Deliver a swift response.
  2. Show humility and empathy for what the customer is experiencing.
  3. Accept accountability.
  4. Provide an honest explanation of what happened and a commitment to improve.
  5. Extend an olive branch—to right the situation and mend the relationship.

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