Customer Leaders Must Have Guts

Customer leaders need the guts of a salmon. Some might say delirium. Think about it. The salmon goes head first against the current. It pushes on to its destination, unscathed by resistant forces. The salmon leader turns the company from facing itself to facing its customers.

Salmon leaders use business meetings to guide and challenge people to understand what they’re doing affects customers. Salmon leaders constantly ask if the tactics being served up are connected across the organization. They know how to explain the commitment to the board, the stockholders, and the company so that they transfer this clarity to everyone else.

Customer leaders and Chief Customer Officers must take specific actions to ensure customer experience success:

1. Take Personal Ownership

2. Establish Acceptance and Role Clarity

3. Drive Regular Accountability

4. Provide Political Air Cover

5. Insist on Political Patience

6. Demystify the Roadmap



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