Contribute to Your Customers’ Lives and Earn Honorable Growth

In my Daily Dose video series, I explore the topics that chief customer officers must grapple with on a daily basis. Join me as I discuss what I’ve learned over the course of my 35-year career, so that you can more effectively do the work that needs to be done.

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The following is a lightly edited transcript of the video below.

As CX leaders and practitioners, we must always advocate on behalf of the customers. When it comes to creating business solutions to improve customer experience, it has to start with thinking about your customers’ emotions and the lives they live. When you fully understand who your customer is and their needs, you have to determine how to operationalize moments that will build deliberate moments of trust. By doing this, you can deliver memories that were earned because you served them well.

Rethink The Way Things Are Done in Your Industry

Every summer, kids who advanced during the school year slide a little bit backward during the summer months, and that loss of knowledge can get in the way of how young minds progress, especially the over 25 million low-income public school students. They lose about two to three months in reading and math skills while kids in higher income homes stay steady or make slight gains.

To help the kids and their families in their community, Umpqua Bank initiated an effort that they call Stop The Slide. They commit time, funding, and their own resources to educate and give these kids tools to keep advancing with their peers. Unusual for a bank, you might say, but not for the Make Mom Proud companies.

Make mom proud companies commit and hold themselves accountable for helping customers achieve their goals by rethinking the way their industry does things. Umpqua Bank gets down to the deepest roots of its mission and extends their reach to their entire community, whether they’re banking customers or not. They take actions grounded in the belief that, when you contribute to what people care about in their lives, you earn the most honorable type of growth. Make Mom Proud companies dare to do more.

Figure Out How to Meet The Needs of Your Customers

Careem, the ride-sharing service in the Middle East, for example, thought beyond the borders of other car-sharing services in order to find out what was important to meet the needs of their passengers. Upon learning that riders who became parents are uneasy about ride sharing and about child and infant safety, they took responsibility to deliver peace of mind to them.

To support this growing population of customers, Careem Kids was born. On their app, customers can now select Careem Kids as the car type, and then a dedicated fleet, pre-installed with a child seat, has been established for this service. “When our customers book a service with us, our primary objective is to simplify their lives, and when it comes to parents booking a service with their children, we want them to enjoy complete peace of mind,” their GM of Careem UAE has said, when describing this new service.

Like many of the Make Mom Proud companies, Careem achieves their goals by helping customers achieve theirs. Through this new experience, inspired by the needs of parent riders, customer demand has more than doubled this new Careem Kids experience. This is our opportunity to move our priorities out and move customers’ goals in.

Like many of the Make Mom Proud companies, @Careem achieves their goals by helping customers achieve theirs. #CX #CustomerExperience Click To Tweet

Design Your CX From A Human-Centered Approach

Let me ask you this—do you know, I mean truly know across your customer journey, what your customers’ goals are in each stage of your journey? Are you aware of their life’s realities in each, and their desires, their needs, their concerns? Do you operationalize to meet these customers’ goals?

A human-centered approach will guide you to this understanding. As a result, inspired products and services in sync with customers’ goals will emerge, and these will grow your business for you. They will differentiate who you are in the marketplace. Established in context with customers’ lives and their goals, these won’t show up as a push to sell singular products and services, but as a natural progression of offerings established with the customer’s best interest in mind.

A human-centered approach will guide you to this understanding. As a result, inspired products and services in sync with customers' goals will emerge, and these will grow your business for you. Click To Tweet


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